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The Wiregrass

Adrian Hyland

'A brilliant Aussie thriller, The Wiregrass is perfect for fans of Jane Harper, Chris Hammer and Candice Fox.’ - Books and Publishing

A murder made to look like an accident. A disgraced cop trying to forget his past.

My eyes sprang open. What was wrong? Something had been hovering down in the backwoods of my brain. A disturbing image that only rose to the surface when I began to relax. Wild winds, wet hair, black bark, blood. A crushed body. The poor bastard killed by the falling tree at Wycliff Rise. Something about that scene wasn’t right.

Nash Rankin is a disgraced cop trying to escape his past – his career was destroyed when he chose to take justice into his own hands. Now he’s living a quiet life in a small town, caring for the local wildlife and trying to stay away from trouble.
Jesse Redpath has a new job in a new town: Satellite. The stormy weather that greets her first few days on the beat seems like a sign of what’s to come. A local has died in what looks like an accident, but Jessie isn’t so sure that the ‘accident’ wasn’t planned. All the evidence points to Nash, but Jesse’s not sure about that either.
Seems like Nash has enemies. And what looks like a close-knit community might just be a cover for dark secrets.

No amount of rain will wash this town clean.

The new Jesse Redpath crime thriller from the bestselling author of Canticle Creek.

About the Author

Adrian Hyland is the award-winning author of Diamond Dove, Gunshot Road and Kinglake-350, which was shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Award for non-fiction in 2012. His books have been published internationally, including in Britain and the US, and translated into a variety of languages, including German, French, Swedish and Czech. Canticle Creek, the first Jesse Redpath thriller, was published in 2022.Praise



Praise for The Wiregrass


'A brilliant Aussie thriller, The Wiregrass is perfect for fans of Jane Harper, Chris Hammer and Candice Fox.’ ― Books and Publishing


’Adrian Hyland writes superior crime fiction with a keen eye for setting and characterisation...’ ―The West Australian


The Wiregrass delivers an irresistible fusion of an untamed and unforgiving Australian landscape, with a police procedural that will have you galloping through the pages... the perfect book to read curled up in bed during a cracking summer storm.’ The Australian


‘As always, Hyland pays exquisite attention to the environment, as Jesse probes the undergrowth to root out the inevitable crime.’ – The Age


Praise for Canticle Creek


‘The rural crime fiction wave continues with this brilliant new arid drama.’  ― Australian Women's Weekly

‘Hyland has mastered the architecture of noir – his sinister tale seethes with small-town atmosphere and satisfying twists, set against the dangers and harsh beauty of the Australian landscape.’ ― Sydney Morning Herald

‘an entertaining and engrossing novel. Hyland has written the ideal story for a long, hot summer, where fire always seems a possibility.’  ― The Canberra Times

‘You can almost feel the blanketing heat and crunch of dry foliage underfoot while reading Canticle Creek ... a well-paced, atmospheric thriller with unexpected twists’ ― The West Australian

‘An atmospheric gripper.’ ― Crime Monthly

‘More please.’ ― The Times





Pub Date
December 2023




Crime. Corruption. Cults. Climate change.