Loyalty. Rivalry. Control.
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The Half Brother

Christine Keighery

The bonds of sisterhood were unbreakable. Until him.

Hannah and Stef have always been there for each other. Growing up in a loving family, they’re stunned to discover their mother adopted out a child before their parents met.
When Alex walks into their lives, the sisters are seduced by his charm, wealth and social status. But as they rush to make up for lost time, it soon becomes apparent their new brother’s agenda is more complicated and sinister than the sisters could have imagined.
A novel about loyalty, secrets and the insidious effects of narcissism and gaslighting, The Half Brother asks, do we ever really know those we love the most?

About the Author

Christine Keighery (who also writes as Chrissie Perry) is the author of more than 35 novels for children and Young Adults. Chrissie wrote 13 books in the hugely successful Go Girl! Series. Her YA title, Whisper, won a White Raven and IBBY award and was shortlisted for the CBCA and the WA Premier’s Awards. Her work has been published in 10 countries, including the US, UK, Spain, Brazil, Slovenia, and Korea. Christine divides her time between coastal Fairhaven and Southbank, Victoria.

The Half Brother is her first novel for adults.


'Readers who prefer unexpected turns in the narrative will be delighted ... with a twist worthy of Liane Moriarty. The Half Brother is a tense read recommended for fans of domestic suspense.' – Books + Publishing

‘the last thing i was absolutely not prepared for was the ending. I can't say anything without spoiling it, but holy mackerel.’ - The Canberra Times

The Half Brother....does have one final twist you won't see coming.’ - Sydney Morning Herald

‘Sinister, suspenseful and tightly written, with an ending I didn't see coming.’ – Vikki Wakefield, author of After You Were Gone

An ominous sense of malaise simmers beneath Christine Keighery’s tale of conflicted family loyalties and sibling rivalry, the reverberations of which linger after the last page is turned.’ – Maryrose Cuskelly, author of The Cane

‘The Half Brother is the sort of novel readers dream of – a riveting story about people you truly care for. What makes The Half Brother so special is the fullness and believability of its characters. An impeccably paced and clever psychological thriller with a warm, beating heart.’ – Jacinta Halloran, author of Resistance




Pub Date
April 2023




Sibling relationships. Family. Dysfunction.