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The Concierge

Abby Corson

I suppose it would be fitting to explain that I am talking into a dictaphone and the lovely Helen will be typing out my story for you to read. She will have a certain amount of creative control—sorting out moments when I get a bit tongue-tied or slightly muddled—but I have told her to leave in as much as possible, so as not to miss any of the important bits. This is my account of the Cavengreen Hotel murder, best we get that bit in early on.

The peaceful setting of Cavengreen Hotel has been shattered by a shocking murder. Hector Harrow, the hotel's concierge, has been accused and is determined to clear his name. Hector enlists the aid of Helen, a retired publisher, to document the shocking crime that has unfolded, with the intention of publishing a truthful account.

Amid interruptions from a nosy journalist and the egotistical antics of the hotel's new owner, American Dave, Helen works tirelessly to keep Hector focused on finishing his book.

As suspicions fall on different guests and one makes a shocking confession, Hector must navigate a web of secrets to uncover the truth.

About the Author

Abby Corson has been a luxury travel and lifestyle writer for over ten years, with her work featuring in magazines and newspapers including Vogue Australia, The Age and The Herald Sun. Born in Manchester, England, Abby now lives in Melbourne. The Concierge is her first novel.

Praise for The Concierge


‘Corson has a truly fresh voice in the cosy crime scene. It is fun and engaging, and the twists will have tongues wagging at the coffee machines come Monday morning. The Concierge is pure entertainment.’ –The Australian


‘Cavengreen is far from your average hotel.’ –Australian Women's Weekly


‘The mystery surrounding this whodunnit is well crafted and offers many false leads and red herrings before the truth is uncovered. Cavengreen Hotel's world of luxury and the opulence is beautifully detailed as are the lives of the characters caught up in the drama of a terrible crime, the subsequent police investigation, false confessions and a murder trial. A modern take on an Agatha Christie staple, The Concierge will keep fans of Sophie Hannah and Richard Osman entertained.’ – Books + Publishing




Pub Date
February 2024




Crime. Justice. The power of storytelling. Ageism.