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Sons of Beaches

Bill McDonough

Family, fame and tragedy, the story of Australian Crawl’s Bill and Guy McDonough.

Founded in 1978, Australian Crawl has sold over 2 million records and been awarded some of Australia’s highest music accolades, including an induction to the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1996.

This is the true story of two brothers, Bill and Guy McDonough and how their lives together lead them to success at the top of the music charts. This is a warts and all music memoir—it’s about the good times and the bad, and how the trappings of fame ultimately lead to Guy’s tragic death in 1984.

It’s an extraordinary tale of adventure and achievement—and how two close knit brothers were part of a music legacy that lives on today, over 40 years after the band’s foundation.

About the Author

Bill McDonough, along with his brother Guy McDonough, was a member of the iconic rock band Australian Crawl. Bill played drums and composed several of the band's most memorable hits including Downhearted and Shutdown.

Bill has also worked as a Record Producer, jingle writer and music industry Consultant.

Praise for Sons of Beaches:


‘For all the sadness and the ruthlessness of the music industry, Sons of Beaches captures the camaraderie behind the band's best songs.’ – Sydney Morning Herald


In the end, Sons Of Beaches is not your typical tale of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. Much more than a music book, it’s a moving tale of two brothers.’ – themusic.com.au




Pub Date
November 2023




Music. Family. Fame.