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My Brother's Ashes are in a Sandwich Bag

Michelle Brasier

Your future is not guaranteed. And isn’t that fucking freeing? If you found out you had less time to live than the average bear, how might you spend it?

That’s a question comedian Michelle Brasier has been asking herself since her dad died of cancer, then her brother, and she was told there’s a high chance she’ll get it too. She’s only young (oh my god so young, and such great skin) but she has been through a lot and it’s taught her to live each day like it’s her last – because it just might be.
From teenage fumblings in the back of a car in Wagga Wagga (teen pregnancy capital of Australia), to performing with Aunty Donna and her own sell-out comedy shows, Michelle invites you into the highs (seeing Jason Momoa drinking a Guinness next a classic car in SoHo) and the lows (getting dumped ¾ of the way through Pirates of the Caribbean).
It’s an examination of the tiny things and the big things – how much it hurts to be a woman and a person, and how funny it is to try and get into shapewear and how funerals are silly. It’s self help for those of us who hate self help. A bit of a laugh and a bit of a cry. Balance. Yoga in the morning, whisky in the evening.
Heartbreaking and hilarious, My Brother’s Ashes are in a Sandwich Bag moves between grief and joy, reminding us that life’s too short to be taken seriously. 

About the Author

Michelle Brasier Michelle Brasier is a multiple award-winning actor, singer, writer and comedian whose sold-out shows have won standing ovations across Australia and UK. On the small screen, Michelle has been featured on Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe, Stories From Oz, Thank God You’re Here, The 100 with Andy Lee, The Project, Koala Man and Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell. Michelle is widely known for her collaborations with absurdist comedy sketch group, Aunty Donna, including on their smash-hit Netflix series, Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun.


‘A beautiful, inspiring story told in the hilarious voice of an extraordinary human. My Brothers Ashes extracted many proper guffaws and several genuine man-tears.’ – Tim Minchin


‘A perfect three-part harmony of exultant joy, heartbreaking tragedy, and pant-wetting comedy.’ – Osher Günsberg

‘An undefinable rollercoaster through a brilliant mind. Achingly funny, heartbreaking, absurd and brilliant. A no holds barred, complex examination of grief, family, love and the precious fuck around that is life. Michelle Brasier is the voice of a generation.’ – Reuben Kaye

‘With such intense warmth and sharpness radiating from the pages, it would be very unsafe to run whilst holding this book. I am officially announcing, I’m physically threatened by Michelle Brasier’s talent.’ – Rhys Nicholson

‘This book is cool. What a great book.’ – Ronny Chieng

‘A life-affirming book about death and resilience that reminds us to eat joy by the fistful.’ – Marieke Hardy

‘Tragedy meets triumph in a sparkling voice.’ – Benjamin Stevenson

‘This book is pure heart and soul from one of the great comedians in Australia. It dances from topic to topic like I’ve hit shuffle on Brasier’s favourite Spotify playlist, or better yet, a curated mix tape to remind you of all the things that make life weird and wonderful and that comedy and tragedy are so closely linked. Also, you just may buy a dog after reading this.’ – Rob Mills

‘So deeply, uproariously funny … It will make you do wan smiles at its life wisdom, bark with laughter at its perfect sentences, and do big-hearted, swollen-eyed sighs at its heart truths. I adore this book and the woman who wrote it.’ – Virginia Gay

‘Michelle Brasier can write. This book is painful. gut wrenching and incredibly funny. Her writing is insatiable. Loved this book. Viva La Vie Bohème.’ – Tanya Hennessy

‘Yeah v happy to do a quote for book. What you want? Something about it being funny and sad and a good thing to buy for your girlfriend if you want lots of kissies?’ – Aunty Donna





Pub Date
September 2024




Grief. Joy. Belly Laughs.