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For Everything a Time

Mark McAvaney

 For everything there is an appointed time,
 even a time for every affair under the heavens.

After thirteen years it’s time for Mac to return home to face a past he’s been running from. A past his best friend Dave has been unable to escape.
It was 1990, their final year of school and with an INXS soundtrack, life was moving on. Bus stops, homework and football were giving way to pay slips and beer, to first cars and first loves. 

Until one night changed it all.
As the story of that evening unravels, so too do the binds that cross generations of family. The pride of fathers. The love of mothers and a sister. The love of a mate; the prejudices that run deep. Testing them, and the strong social ties that small towns have, Mac searches for honesty and for the precious words never said, while Dave fights for his story to be heard. 

Before it’s too late, can these once-close friends and their town still divided by tragedy find a time for peace?


About the Author

Mark McAvaney Mark McAvaney is a new Australian author, originally from Clare, South Australia, who’s lived in London for many years, working in film, TV and publishing.




Along with a poignant, tender story and beautiful writing, you will be left to wonder about the past you cannot change, and the future you can.’ The Australian


‘a gently thoughtful meditation on reckoning with, not repressing, the past. Of learning to let go and move on, in our different ways, without forgetting what has mattered most – in all the lives we’ve led, or might have.’ –INreview


'Poignant and tender, a story about all the things that might have happened, and how we come to terms with the ones that do.’– Rachel Joyce 





Pub Date
May 2024




Sliding door moments. Second chances. Coming of age.