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  • Twelve Steps to a Long and Fulfilling Death
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Twelve Steps to a Long and Fulfilling Death

Sarah Smith

A dark comedy about how to live your best life, even when you're dead.

Stacey was trying to live her best life, but now she’s dead. But why hasn't she passed on? Could it be her fatal car accident was actually murder?

Detectives Ed Beaufontaine and Rosie Garafino certainly think so. They have a long list of suspects, chief among them Stacey's fiancé, Liam. His business dealings and new relationship with Emily Jackson are raising a few eyebrows. As the detectives dig deeper, so does Stacey. With nothing but time on her hands, she forensically examines her past relationships – her pathological ex, unreliable father, controlling psychologist, and toxic girlfriends – realising she might have been better off without them. She's hoping she can steer the detectives in the right direction before she's doomed to wander for eternity. Because in the city of angels and 12-step programs, even the dead need a little help from time to time.

About the Author

Sarah Smith is one of Australia’s most experienced TV drama writers and showrunners. Her credits include Amazing GraceBite Club, Love Child, House of Bond, Winter, Wild Boys, Rescue Special OpsDripping in Chocolate, All Saints and McLeod’s Daughters. Sarah lives in Sydney and is currently writing her second novel.  



‘Such a wry and deft interweaving of the real and unreal. A unique voice. I loved it.’ – Rachel Ward


‘A whipsmart and twisty debut that will keep you up all night.’ – Rose Hartley, author of Maggie’s Going Nowhere


'Half thriller, half ghost story, 100% page turner, Sarah Smith’s brilliant debut novel has more precarious twists and turns than its Mullholland Drive setting!' – Kym Wilson

'A really great mystery. Loved it!' – Rebecca Gibney

‘Part detective story, part dark comedy and ghost story, Twelve Steps to a Long and Fulfilling Death has plenty of twists, turns and red herrings to keep readers guessing. Chatty, quippy and slightly quirky, this is a fun ride for fans of Richard Osman or Janet Evanovich.’ Books + Publishing


'A rollicking and utterly absorbing read. Cancel any commitments over the next few days because you won’t be able to put it down.' – Adam Zwar


‘Full of suspenseful twists and turns, 12 Steps to a Long and Fulfilling Death is a deliciously-paced and poignant page-turner until the masterful final resolve.’ – Luke McKenzie




Pub Date
August 2023




Toxic friendships. Self-actualisation.