Exploration. Endurance. Misadventure.
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Terra Nova

Harrison Christian

For a long time it seemed Antarctica would remain the sole hold out in a nearly fully explored world. The approaches were too difficult and dangerous, and the material benefits to the exploring nations were too few … Far from being a land of plenty, the Antarctic continent – if it was that – was no place for human beings.
Robert Falcon Scott’s 1910 attempt to reach the South Pole is placed in jeopardy when Edward Evans joins as his second-in-command. A clash of personalities between the two men almost prevents the Terra Nova from sailing, but they forge ahead, conscious of competing expeditions racing to the pole.  
On the treacherous journey across the Antarctic ice, the differences between the scientific-minded Scott and the ambitious Evans become insurmountable. Scott sends Evans back early, making the final push without him, only to find they have been beaten by the Norwegians.
When Scott and his remaining men make their desperate return to base, they’re met with an inexplicable shortage of supplies, leading to the tragic deaths of the entire party.
Harrison Christian draws on fresh documents to examine the circumstances of Scott’s death, throwing suspicion on Edward Evans and other officers. Terra Nova delves into the lives of these remarkable men, revealing a story of betrayal that was left out of the official narrative.

About the Author

Harrison Christian is a writer from Auckland, New Zealand. He is the author of several acclaimed non-fiction books, including Men Without Country and Should We Fall to Ruin.


‘A riveting account about Scott of Antarctica and the machinations of his demise. Of the food depots that were diminished and the rescue that never came.’ – Peter Hillary, mountaineer and explorer


‘Harrison Christian has added another chapter to the most celebrated Antarctic story – one that compellingly hints at treachery amidst honour, and self-interest amidst sacrifice.’ Sunday Star Times


‘Christian has the good non-fiction storyteller’s gift of ensuring the tale ticks along, avoiding unnecessary detail and narrative diversions. He is strong on the disagreements, resentments and divisions that existed among the 33 expedition members, who are too often portrayed as noble angels.’ – Sydney Morning Herald


‘carefully drawn, eminently readable’ – NZ Listener




Pub Date
June 2024




History. Exploration. Tragedy.