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Just Friends

Gyan Yankovich

Voice memos, care packages, hours-long phone conversations, treasured traditions that go back decades, glasses held aloft during wedding toasts, hands held at funerals, first cuddles with newborns, lunches with work wives, taking it to the group chat – our friendships touch and enrich every part of our lives. But how often do we stop to consider them deeply?

Just Friends explores modern friendship – what it means to be, to make and, sometimes, to lose a friend. It is a celebration of friendship, shining a light on the many different forms they can take and the comfort they provide, whether they exist within the workplace, emerge in motherhood, are uncovered inside our neighbourhoods or become our chosen family.

Just Friends is an ode to the people that shape us. It is a book to devour on the beach or with a book club, a book to return to again and again, and, most importantly, a book to press into the hands of the friends you love the most.

About the Author

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is a writer and editor based in Sydney, Australia. She is the lifestyle editor at the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She was previously based in New York, where she held editor roles at Man Repeller and BuzzFeed. Her work has been published in The Cut, Vox, The Guardian, VICE, and more, exploring lifestyle, culture, and relationships. Just Friends is her debut book.


‘Yankovich’s debut is a celebration of the people that often know us better than we know ourselves. Comforting, warming, and tender, by a very talented writer.’ The Australian


‘the perfect pick for book clubs or just-because gifts for your BFF(s)’ – Broadsheet


‘a joyful, hopeful and considered book that will have you texting your friends in a hurry to tell them how much you appreciate them’ – Lucinda Price, author of Perfect Candidate

‘This book not only made me think about my friends in a different way, it also made me think about the kind of person I want to be.’ – Bridie Jabour, author of Trivial Grievances

‘a thoughtful, brilliant, and wholly comforting read’ – Elfy Scott, author of The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About

‘This book honours our most significant relationships with the tender thoughtfulness of the best friend you’ve ever had.’ – Gina Rushton, author of The Most Important Job in the World




Pub Date
February 2024




How to make, keep and maintain friendships.